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  • Carver Skate Mini Simmons

    The 27.5” Mini Simmons was inspired by the super short blunt-nosed boards shaped by Bob Simmons in the late 1940’s, considered to be the father of the modern shortboard surfboard. For our skateboard version this means you get a shorter, lighter board with a wider nose right over the truck so you can place your foot as far forward as you want with full support all the way to the tip. Without any extra weight past that, the deck is lighter and easier to throw around, making pumping this mini fast and easy. And unlike most short decks, this one is plenty wide throughout with a proper kick tail so you get the full leverage and support under your feet. Just like the surfboard version, this little board rides like a much larger board, which is why this progressive/retro model has quickly become a staff favorite, finding it’s way into all of our backpacks and car trunks. Because of the short wheelbase it’s at its best when pumped in small, tight spaces, easily generating speed from a standstill and maintaining continuous carving. It rules in driveways and curb cuts, where you can make your own mini wave machine, like having a micro-skatepark on every sidewalk. Available with the CX 6.5 truck set only.


    • 9 3/8” wide
    • 5 1/2″ tail
    • 2 3/4″ nose
    • 14 7/8″ wheelbase

    298,00 €

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  • Carver Skate EggBeater

    Le skate Carver Eggbeater 30″ vous permet de pomper facilement sans effort et sans poser le pied au sol.

    • 9 3/4” wide
    • 6 1/8″ tail
    • 3 1/8″ nose
    • 16 1/2″ wheelbase

    299,00 €

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  • Skate The original Beach Board

    49,00 €

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